Homeowner Deductions

Homeowner Deductions Checklist

Things Homeowners Overlook or Forget That Could Cost Thousands!

Medical/Dental/Optometry Deductions:
⦁ Medical & hospital insurance premiums and fees to doctors, dentists, specialists, surgeons, 
⦁ Medical Mileage (total for year)
⦁ Prescription medicines
⦁ Psychiatric and psychological treatment
⦁ Eyeglass, contact lenses exams and supplies, hearing aids, crutches, and wheelchairs
⦁ Birth Control pills prescribed by a doctor
⦁ Eye surgery, stop-smoking programs
⦁ Treatment at drug/alcohol center (including meals & lodging provided by center)
⦁ Transportation for medical care
⦁ Vasectomy, Nursing services wages
⦁ Special education for mentally or physically disabled persons
⦁ Medical equipment costs needed for home medical care
⦁ Certain fertility enhancement procedures
⦁ Weight-loss expenses for obesity
⦁ Diagnostic devices
⦁ Organ donor expenses
⦁ Guide dogs or other aiding devices 
⦁ Hospital, therapy, surgery, nursing fees
⦁ Lead based paint removal
⦁ Legal abortion costs, Long-term care contracts, Bandages
⦁ Meals & lodging provided by a hospital during medical treatment
⦁ Oxygen and oxygen equipment
⦁ Life-care fee paid to retirement home designated for medical care
Taxes & Interest Paid:
 Real Estate Taxes
⦁ Personal Property taxes (i.e., on Vehicles, vacation homes, land, boats, airplanes, etc.)
⦁ Mortgage Insurance Premiums
⦁ Mortgage Interest paid & Points
⦁ New Purchase, Refinance or Sale of Property – CD (closing disclosure)
⦁ Payback of 1st Time homebuyer credit ($500 per year until 2023)
Other Deductions:
⦁ Gambling losses (to extent of winnings and only if you itemize)
⦁ Energy Savings Purchases/Financed (insulation, doors, windows, electrical, gas, solar water heating, solar roof panels certification-finance agreement or purchase contract, etc…)
*If you claimed itemizations in previous year, be sure to report any previous year state refund received